For Samo Industries, Social Responsibility is a real mission that translates into: Social commitment, Solidarity, Benefits for employees and families, Sustainability, initiatives for the local community and collaborations with the Academic World. A constant commitment that keeps this reality alive.

Social commitment

"Oscar per tutti" Charity (Oscar for everyone)

Since its very beginning, the Group's commitment has been dedicated to an ambitious project: to spread the Culture of Welfare and Social Wellbeing, while always beginning with the local community.
Thus, in February 2007, in memory of Oscar Venturato, Oscar per tutti, the Group's non-profit organization was founded with the aim of financing valid research projects to support the professional specialization of young doctors in the oncology field.
Oscar per tutti is: commitment to the future, help for scientific research, prevention, care and hope.

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100% Clean Energy

Ongoing innovation also translates into sustainable choices that aim to respect the environment and the local community. All production plants use electricity from renewable sources. Ecological and recyclable materials are also used in production.

Green Dot

All packaging is marked with the Green Dot, which identifies an ecological disposal system for packaging.

Save the Water

The production of Samo is linked to one of the most precious resources in the world: water. Awareness of the environmental impact of its production and the reduction of water consumption is at the heart of the Save The Water project.


Art in the Factory

The promotion of culture, art and community development have always been issues of great interest to the Group.

The Bonavigo location has hosted numerous initiatives aimed at promoting the combination of factory and art and strengthening links with the community.

Among the numerous events is the exhibition "Fabbrica Pop" ("Pop Factory") dedicated to the works of the famous eclectic artist Andy Warhol with the involvement of exceptional personalities such as Vittorio Sgarbi. The headquarters also houses works, depicting famous portraits, made using digital printing on the glass of the showers.


Continuous training and coaching

Some years ago the Group created the Samo Excellence Academy, a centre for training, continuous updates and coaching, with the design of specific training courses for its clients, architects and opinion leaders. A research facility dedicated to all stakeholders in the sector, making use of the high level of professionalism of the Group itself and part of the Italian cultural and academic panorama. The synergy of experiences between the various players in the bathroom furnishing supply chain allows the development of the shared knowledge necessary to overcome everyday challenges.

Employees and families

Work life balance

The value of the "family" is essential for the Group, it represents its essence. For this reason, in addition to employee benefits, particular attention is paid to the families of employees. The aim is to contribute to a positive corporate climate.


Certified quality

The production units have obtained the TÜV quality system certification, in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. TÜV guarantees Inda's compliance with the high quality standards imposed by UNI EN ISO 9001 certification.
Samo has always embraced the concept of Quality, a notion that involves every phase of the business process. The brand certifies the quality of the product and the control over the production and the materials used.
Our products comply with the European Directive. Tests of compliance with this important standard are required for the manufactured products.