Board of directors

The corporate structure of Samo Industries

The Samo Industries Group is owned by the Venturato family, which owns 100% of the four brands. Today, Denis Venturato (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) and Laura Venturato (Director and Chief Executive Officer) lead the Group, continuing the mission started by Orvile Venturato, with passion and vision.

Denis Venturato

Chairman and chief executive officer

Laura Venturato


Luca Giovanni Bonanno

Board member

Francesco Scalabrini

Chairman of the board of statutory auditors

Roberto Branchi

Statuatory auditor

Franco Zambon

Statuatory auditor

A conscientious and committed management team

Samo Industries is led by a team that shares certain values as well as a corporate mission. A team that is able to develop, where each individual is able to bring their own experience into play in order to develop synergies with a view to achieving excellence in products, services and technologies. In a group that believes in sharing, everyone is at the service of others and everyone is at the service of the customer.